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King Triton was produced by Jaime Padilla of House of Blue Pit Bulls.  Son of ABKC Champion Reina HOB (RIP) and HOB Caramelo who has the most impressive chest spread of any XL bully.  King Triton is one of, if not the largest producing XXL Tri Stud available.  King Triton was runner up in the 2015 Cinco de Mayo XXL Showcase, the biggest XXL Bully stackoff nationwide.

King Triton's favorite activities include swimming, playing fetch, playing tug on his spring pole, and going for car rides.  King Triton is retired, living the good life with his new family in beautiful Oregon.  He now spends his free time roaming acres of green land and swimming in their local river.


The Joker was produced in-house in partnership with Jaime Padilla breeding House of Blue Pit Bulls Snow White to the most extreme XL bully House of Blue Pit Bulls Dirty Boy.  The only male in an otherwise all-female litter, The Joker stood out from the beginning with his structure, head size, and short muzzle.  The smallest of our males at OC Pit Bulls, there is nothing small about The Joker.  

The Joker's favorite activities include sunbathing, watching sports on tv, playing tug of war, meeting puppies, and giving hugs.


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Encore is son to Tilikum bred to House of Blue Pit Bulls Snow White.  Snow White is littermate sister to our own King Triton.  This breeding brought out the tri-coat gene from both Tilikum and Snow White to create this little beast.  His personality is a perfect blend of both parents, loves to play when toys are available, but also very sweet.  Still a pup, he has the potential to become one of the biggest XXL Tri Colored bullies ever produced.

Encore's favorite activities include going on long walks, belly rubs, chewing on toys and sticks, and going to kids' sports.

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Tilikum is son to the one-and-only west coast monster, White Demon bred to DelaCruz's Good Karma.  Still growing, Tilikum boasts exceptional size and structure.  Tilikum has sired litters featuring colors ranging from white, blue, blue fawn, and tri-color, making him the largest tri-producing stud on the West Coast.  What are his stats?  At OC Pit Bulls, we're not into tracking stats, but he turns heads wherever he goes.  Want to size him up?  Follow us on Instagram to find out when we will be attending a Southern California show.

Tilikum's favorite activities include playing tug with his spring pole, lap sitting, and napping on the couch.

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