Sriracha is our resident red-head, and her feisty personality matches her name.  Littermate to The Joker, daughter of House of Blue Pit Bulls Snow White and House of Blue Pit Bulls Dirty Boy, this girl is the alpha on our yard.  Sriracha has been leading our pack of males since birth. Though it sounds like she's "all business," she is also very loving in the home with the family.

Sriracha's favorite activities include running laps in the yard, stealing mommy's flip flops, giving "kitty hugs," belly rubs, and snuggling with children on the couch.

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Mugshot is our youngest female on the yard.  Daughter to the famous Tilikum bred to a very impressive bully female, Zoola, Mugshot is a great blend of mom's sweet temperament and dad's energy and drive to work.  Still very young, Mugshot is on track to follow both parent's size to become our largest female. 

Mugshot's favorite activities include running, exploring, and going to kid's sporting events.  During her downtime, she loves to be a couch potato, cuddling with anyone sitting nearby.